As a dynamic design leader, I have effectively improved the experience for countless people all around the world by actively participating in several complex design initiatives. Whether running the design aspect of a major corporate project involving 40 international teams, setting up a small, specialized design unit of five in a startup, or offering advisory services to companies looking to refine their products by paying careful attention to design details, I continuously put forth steadfast dedication to create products that not only meet but also exceed the expectations of users worldwide.

My Story
Take a look at my 15-year transformation, going from a combat photographer to a prominent figure in the field of design leadership.
Discover the valuable leadership insights I acquired during my experience building and overseeing two teams at Nintendo.
Crafting a Design System
A design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.
Moving Towards Interoperability
Observe my approach to strategic leadership as I take on the responsibility for a complex project.
Automation for In-home Care
Discover how our implementation of robotic process automation reduced OptumRX's insurance process from 28 days to just 9 days.
Connecting PwC with Data
See how PricewaterhouseCoopers utilized my expertise in data visualization to unify 800 offices spanning 157 countries within a single analytics framework.
Google Reviews Concept Design
Review my creation of a conceptual design for Google Reviews, followed by a successful presentation at Google headquarters.
Nintendo Developer Experience
Observe my role in transforming Nintendo's fragmented process involving 40 global teams into one cohesive end-to-end product for 3rd party developers.
Gap Voice Concept
Discover how my implementation of a chatbot and other strategic digital interventions led to a rapid rebound for the GAP.
SCI Employee Intranet
Explore how I modernized a dated intranet into a collaborative nexus serving 22,000 staff members.